M.Y. San SkyFlakes Philippino Crackers 32 Packs 800g

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Oven-fresh, world-class baking that's in a class of its own! Skyflakes Crackers have been a favorite saltine cracker brand since its introduction in the 1960's. A brand originating from the Philippines, Skyflakes Crackers were eventually sold to Filipino-Asian markets abroad. They have since been established in the mainstream markets where they continue to gain popularity. Skyflakes' high standards of quality and select ingredients have contributed to it being a favorite snack spanning over generations and international borders. Constant innovation coupled with relentless quality assurance, driven by state-of-the-art baking facilities and top-notch personnel, means Skyflakes Crackers come from one of the Philippine's most respected cracker and biscuit manufacturers. Skyflakes Crackers have crisp taste and retain an oven-baked freshness. It is a wonderful snack to have in between meals or it can serve as a substitute for rice and potatoes as it complements many entrees. They can also be eaten with your favorite dips, spreads, cheeses and other combinations of toppings, making it perfect for creative finger foods and appetizers. The combinations are endless and completely up to you! The convenient Skyflakes Cracker storage container holds 32 individually wrapped crackers. Being individually wrapped makes it easy for you to take Skyflakes Crackers on the go, in lunches, or share with friends.

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