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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions about selling on Amarira.

No. Amarira doesn't take a percentage of our suppliers’ sales like other traditional e-commerce retailers. We operate on the wholesale cost model, meaning we pay our suppliers the wholesale cost of their items, and we set the retail price.

We’ve built out an extensive library of help content available throughout Partner Home and in resource centers like Amarira Academy. Also, we have dedicated support teams here to help answer any questions you have about the onboarding process and beyond.

No. Amarira operates on the drop-ship model, so we send the customer order to your store or warehouse, then you pick, pack, and prepare to send the product directly to the end customer. Amarira arranges and pays for 100% of the shipping cost.

Drop-shipping is Amarira’s primary method of fulfillment. A customer orders your product on our site, and we send the purchase order directly to your store or warehouse. You then pick, pack, and prepare to send the order directly to the customer.

Amarira works on a dynamic pricing system, which is continuously learning about the optimal price of our items and making retail price adjustments. While the supplier provided base cost is a component of that formula, there are other factors that could cause a price to change such as shipping costs or handling fees, etc.

It’s not required, but we prefer that our suppliers sell their full catalog on Amarira. Why? Companies that provide their full product assortment reach significantly more customers, faster. The more customers you reach, the quicker you’ll grow.

We’ve helped thousands of our suppliers sell on Amarira while maintaining their existing e-commerce and retail relationships. We do this by launching product assortments under one of Amarira’s 100+ carefully curated brands that vary in style and price point.

Not a problem! Even if your products are made to order, we can still partner together. We just want to ensure that we’re setting accurate lead times so that the customer knows how long it will take to receive the product.

To ensure your products stand out, we encourage partners to provide us with their full assortment and invest in excellent imagery and content to help our customers visualize the product before it arrives at their homes.

We’ll provide you with a dedicated onboarding team that sets you up for success from day one. They are ready to assist you with the setup process, and get your products live on-site in as little as one week.

Yes! We work with suppliers from around the world. With Amarira, you can list and sell your products on any of our websites in Lagos and Europe, as long as you meet the minimum requirements by region.